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About Dr. Shirley

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Dr. Shirley Plantin is the Chief Executive Consultant for U-Turn Youth Consulting Firm and the author of The Backstory of a New Reality and its supplemental Workbook. She   facilitates trainings and workshops for systems and institutions (i.e., Education, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, and Social services) unmasking the Backstories contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline and ultimately to urban youth and gun violence. Dr. Plantin currently serves on the Florida Police Chiefs Association’s Subcommittee on Accountability and Societal Change addressing systemic injustices and racial inequities within law enforcement.


She is the former Director of several at-risk youth prevention programs, with various specializations ranging from Substance Abuse, HIV/STI, and Gangs. Dr. Plantin is a member of the Florida Gang Investigators Association. She has provided years of intervention and advocacy for youth and families dealing with complex institutions such as the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Department of Children & Family (DCF), and the Department of Corrections.

Dr. Plantin has been recognized locally and nationally for her leadership, vision, commitment, and dedication to issues regarding youth and gun violence, and the prevention of juvenile delinquency.  Most notable are the recognitions from Delta Epsilon Sigma and the National Criminal Justice Association. She has also been recognized by The State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and Local Municipalities. Legacy Magazine recognized her as 1 of 50 Most Powerful & Influential People in Business and Industry in South Florida.   Legacy Magazine also recognized Dr. Plantin as 1 of 40 Under 40 Black Leaders of Today & Tomorrow in South Florida.  The Global Innovative Foundation and the Florida Association of Nonprofits awarded her the Outstanding Youth Advocate Award. The Miami-Dade County Black Affairs Advisory Board has recognized her as 1 of 30 "Vessel: Woman of Substance".  Additionally, the City of North Miami, the Man Dodo Foundation, and Level-Up Coaching and Leadership Consulting Group awarded Dr. Plantin with their “Woman of Excellence” Leadership Awards. Additionally, the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida selected Dr. Plantin to be part of the Inaugural Class of Leaders for the prestigious award of “20 Under 40 Young Professionals,” for her passion and diligence as a youth advocate.

Locally, Dr. Plantin serves on multiple Boards and committees throughout Miami-Dade County. She currently serves on the Countywide Together for Children Board of Trustees. She is a board member for Power U for Social Change. She is a Founding Board member for Global Innovative Foundation, she serves as the Vice-Chair of the Northeast Corridor Coalition, and she is a Steering Committee member for Eckerd Connect-Project Bridge. She is also a member of the Sant La Fellows Community Leadership Advisory Board. Additionally, she serves on Service Partnerships, representing North Miami and Little Haiti. She has also participated in the Miami-Dade Criminal Justice Council, Miami-Dade County HIV/AIDS Partnership, and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Speakers’ Bureau. Dr. Plantin was also appointed to the Miami-Dade County Domestic Violence Oversight Board.

Dr. Plantin holds an Executive Juris Doctorate from Concord School of Law, and a bachelor’s degree in History with a specialization in Criminal Justice.

What people are saying...

"I think you are an inspiration to young leaders and a true pillar in this community. It really resonated with me when you spoke of the work you continue to do with the youth. I know it is not easy, but I see the passion you put into your work. I hope to follow in your footsteps and be a true advocate for at-risk youth."                                                                         -Stephanie D.

—  Stephanie D.

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