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"Thank you for keeping your training "100% real". All too often, presenters and trainers sugar-coat the truth, and it hurts the end result, but your up-front, real, and candid way of presenting kept me engaged and convicted to do more and better for our youth."                                                                        - Jeanine K.

"Thank you for your always-riveting presentation on juvenile delinquency in our community.  You knocked it out of the park for the third year in a row."

                                            -Sandy D.

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Training Services

Youth Violence Prevention

Exposing the many issues leading to youth violence and possible remedies


Unmasking realities of urban youth lives 

Youth Competence

Raising awareness and understanding of urban youth culture

Parent-child Relationships

Highlighting the many issues facing modern day parents across cultures and socio-economic status

Young Professional


Preparation of young leaders looking for guidance to enter the professional world



Addressing the role that culture plays in serving youth

Youth violence = Health Epidemic

Identifying the common elements of youth violence that correlates to health epidemic

Women Empowerment:

Empowering women who are raising boys in these difficult climates

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